Woodstar Lighting was born out of a desire to work with circles and spheres in wood and light. The inspiration behind this desire was a fascination with these forms, abundant in such exquisite variety in nature and the wider cosmos. The result is the creation of our unique and stunning sculptural lights made from wood and wood veneer. All of our lights and lampshades are handcrafted with care and integrity at our workshop in the Sussex countryside. We use techniques and methods which have been especially developed and refined over years and all of our designs are made to a high and exacting standard. We produce a fixed range of lights as well as one off bespoke designs to fit perfectly within your space.

Our primary objective at Woodstar is to make beautiful lights for you to enjoy: relaxed by their gentle, candle-like illumination, inspired by both their design and the materials they are made from, and connected to nature and the cosmos – the inspiration behind their creation.

Learn more about our founder David Gourlay here.


All of our designs are completely unique and utilise a number of production techniques developed by us and evolved over a number of years.  All of our makers are highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople. Each lamp is inspected, tested, signed and allocated with a unique catalogue number before its boxed and sent to you. We keep a record of all lamps and lampshades that leave our workshop – what the product is, when it was made and by whom and what wood its made from.

Regard for the environment is a powerful factor in shaping our designs and working practices – we are an environmentally sensitive company.  Our products, by virtue of the materials they are made from, have low embedded energy. Wood is a natural, sustainable and bio-degradable material, and all of the timber and wood based materials we use are made from sustainable material.  All of our packaging is biodegradable and kept to a minimum.


If sails become damaged during years of use they can be replaced by ordering a replacement – simply contact us with the catalogue number (written onto the inside of the smallest sail) and we will send you a replacement. We recommend that the shades are carefully and gently hoovered to remove dust as necessary with the small round soft brush attachment.


“I’m really pleased with the light – its a unique design and casts a natural warm light”


“Our magnificent Trinity lampshade sets exactly the right tone for the reception of our Brighton arts centre…it seems to glide like a planet in perfect motion and its russet glow casts an amber lattice on the walls”


Evolution Arts Centre

“I love the light…it works beautifully”