We are delighted to offer a bespoke service in addition to our collection. Perhaps you need something which will respond to, and then fit within, a very particular and special space – a lamp which incorporates a certain colour, shape or feeling. This is music to our ears, a chance to collaborate and explore.

Our designs are flexible. The basic building blocks of our range – spheres, spirals, sails, stems and the entrancing luminescense of wood veneer– can be re-configured into an infinite variety of possibilities. And if your ideas require different building blocks we will build them from scratch.

We also make specials which take a particularly fine crown cut veneer and present them in a Septet spiral wall light. A Septet special also has especially selected timber to make the hand turned stem.


An initial meeting will focus on conceiving what the key creative considerations and practical requirements are for your project.


Design is a process, a dialogue. A finished design is rarely reached after a single initial meeting. Normally there are conversations, samples and sketches – proposition and response. This process culminates in your approval of a final drawing.


Your project will be made by highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople at our workshop in Sussex, using many unique processes which we have developed over years.