How we make our lights

This blog gives you a brief outline of the processes involved in making our lights. It's not as detailed as a 'how to', but I hope to give you a flavour of what happens in the workshop. I will cover the turning of the spindles for our wall lights, the curved...

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About David Gourlay – Founder of Woodstar

I knew I was going to work with wood from a very young age – when people asked me what I was going to do I replied 'carpenter', with certainty. I was always messing about with bits of wood and my dad bought me a set of tools in a small size traditional carpentry bag...

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The Age of The Carpenter

Episode 3 of Fred Dibnah’s Building of Britain focuses on the skills of the carpenter and their value in the construction of Tudor Great Houses. As the entry points out on youtube, 'Dibnah’s Building of Britain should be made required viewing for all students of...

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